Celebrating the kick off of Bid On Beef 

with Amanda Radke & Chris Earl Premium Quality Angus & Wagyu Beef For Sale Online  There’s nothing like a well-marbled, tender cut of beef. And there’s nowhere better to get that beef than straight from the ranch. Get the best quality steaks and burgers through Bid on Beef’s online auctions.  These beef auctions connect you directly to hard-working American ranching … Read More


On June 1, CK6 Consulting, along with strategic partners, Texas Beefhouse, launched the first-of-its-kind auction platform for beef sales. Bid on Beef is the vision of Chris Earl, owner of Reverse Rocking R Ranch and CK6 Consulting in New Mexico. Working with beef cattle producers across the nation, CK6 Consulting has conducted $150 million in sales through price discovery in … Read More

Incredible Results with Bid on Beef

Six months ago, we approached Texas Beefhouse with a concept of taking beef to a live public auction. The DuVall family at Capitol Angus is fearless and willing to take on the challenge. The CK6 team works in price discovery every single day in the Angus seedstock business. In Q1 of 2024, we just completed a run of sales totaling more than $21 million. … Read More

Don Beebe on The Heart of Rural America

Listen to the podcast here. Super Bowl Champion Don Beebe has an inspiring new devotional titled, “Never Give Up.” Exploring the intersection of sports and faith, Beebe shares highlights of his NFL career and inspiring stories showing the power of prayer and following God’s lead no matter where life takes you. Purchase Beebe’s new book at https://donbeebe.com/


On Nov. 11 in Whitehouse, Texas, the DuVall family at Capitol Angus and Texas Beefhouse hosted the first-of-its-kind live beef auction. The auction garnered nationwide attention, with 800+ people attending the event in person and online. The event was hosted on the video sale platform, cci.live, and organized by CK6 Consulting. Auctioneer Wes Tiemann led the sale, assisting 100+ buyers … Read More

Families Helping Families

Chris Earl was honored to be a recent guest on the Virginia’s Young Farmers Podcast while in Virginia for the Point Pleasant Angus sale. Every decision has a cost. If you believe it. If you’re the last man standing. Be willing to pay the cost. Chris Earl speaking to the Virginia Farm Bureau Young Producers at the Point Pleasant Angus sale. Picture this: it’s … Read More

Becoming a Price Maker, Not Price Taker

Coming off the excitement of the Genetic Allies Sale hosted by Mudge Farms, Chris Earl and Amanda Radke discuss the obstacles facing beef cattle producers and the opportunities that exist today in the business. The fundamentals are there. The opportunities are limitless. Leveraging hard work, clear marketing, and an investment in leading genetics will take you far. Here’s your shot of optimism … Read More

Amanda Radke Joins CK6 Consulting

CK6 Consulting, established in 2008 as a service to assist Angus producers identify, leverage, andexecute marketing strategies for their genetic programs, is pleased to announce the recruitment ofAmanda Radke to the team. Radke, alongside her husband, Tyler, and their four children, own Radke Land & Cattle in Mitchell,South Dakota. In addition to her seedstock background, Radke brings 15 years of … Read More