Incredible Results with Bid on Beef

Six months ago, we approached Texas Beefhouse with a concept of taking beef to a live public auction. The DuVall family at Capitol Angus is fearless and willing to take on the challenge.

The CK6 team works in price discovery every single day in the Angus seedstock business. In Q1 of 2024, we just completed a run of sales totaling more than $21 million. Putting in a lot of miles, we have seen it over and over again — there is no better way to market and add value to your genetics than through an auction sale.

The landmark sale in November had an incredible turnout, with 800+ online viewers, 100 buyers from across the country, and an average of $68.81/lb. on 774 lbs. of Angus and Wagyu primals and steaks.

Four auctions later, with a gross of $166,135.58 in sales for an average of $31.18/lb. on 5,328 of beef, the proof is in the results. Consumers are empowered and engaged and are willing to pay a premium to source their beef from an American ranching family they can trust.

As Aaron DuVall said last night, “We’ll take care of the quality, and you take care of the price.”

Thank you to the buyers, bidders, and participants in last night’s sale. We are savoring the win for our clients and customers, and can picture those sizzling steaks on the grill already. More to come from CK6 & Bid On Beef

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