October 20, 2023 – Whitehouse, Texas

On Nov. 11, Capitol Angus will host its annual Angus production sale, but this year’s event held on the ranch in Whitehouse, Texas, will include an exciting twist.

In a historic, first-of-its-kind event, Capitol Angus will auction off Angus and Wagyu beef cuts, courtesy of their labeled beef company, Texas Beefhouse.

“Our two businesses dovetail into one — the high-quality beef we raise comes from the Angus genetics we have invested in,” said Aaron DuVall, owner of Capitol Angus and Texas Beefhouse. “I believe in the American way and the entrepreneurial spirit, and I think it’s high time for the American rancher to create a new model to bring their high-quality products to the market without us taking it on the chin by the middle guys.”

On sale day, the auction will be broadcast live on with the beef auction starting at 1 pm CST. Wagyu and Angus primals and box cuts will be available and on display at the facility that day.

“Since there is no political will to break up the major four and ensure the American cowman gets his fair payday, the solution is right here,” said Chris Earl, CK6 Consulting. “The DuVall family at Capitol Angus is going to offer the high-quality beef they raise at home on the ranch in a public auction for a true day of price discovery. This is a unique opportunity for restaurants, catering companies, country clubs, grocers, and retailers to stock their freezers with a high-end, prime beef product that their customers will love.”

“It’s no secret the consumer retail dollar is not trickling back to the American beef cattle producer,” added Amanda Radke, CK6 Consulting. “With 85% of our beef supply held captive by four major packers, our goal is to help producers capture the true value of the hard work they do day-in and day-out on their ranches. It’s time for producers to become price makers instead of price takers, and that’s what we aim to do on Nov. 11 at Capitol Angus.”

At 5pm CST, the production sale will begin with 70+ 18-month-old Angus bulls and select females available for appraisal. Wes Tiemann will serve as the auctioneer, and CK6 will be on site to facilitate any questions on sale day. Cattle are available to preview Nov. 10-11, and a Texas Beefhouse meal will be served.

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