Families Helping Families

Chris Earl was honored to be a recent guest on the Virginia’s Young Farmers Podcast while in Virginia for the Point Pleasant Angus sale.

Every decision has a cost. If you believe it. If you’re the last man standing. Be willing to pay the cost.

Chris Earl speaking to the Virginia Farm Bureau Young Producers at the Point Pleasant Angus sale.

Picture this: it’s mid-morning in Southwest Virginia. The light fog is rising. The October foliage is starting to transition to red and orange. It’s sale day at Point Pleasant Angus, and the cattle are calling back and forth to each other as they stand on display.

In this first segment, we get to know Chris Earl. Fueled by his faith and love for family, Chris and his wife, Krista, started CK6 Consulting in 2008 to provide a marketing resource for those in the beef business, based on his decades of experience in the industry. However, consulting was never about a dollar transaction for Chris, as evident as he describes his approach as a mentorship relationship with his clients. While this episode covers exciting trends in the seedstock sector, marketing tips, and common mistakes to avoid, Chris encourages young producers to dig deep to find their “why” and to never walk alone on their journey through agriculture. As an added bonus, his mama’s advice is some of the best we’ve heard yet!

This was the backdrop for this episode and it set the tone for this two-part episode with CK6 Consulting.

Listen to the first part of the podcast episode here!