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Chris and Krista Earl started CK6 Consulting in 2008 with their children Trenton, Jordan, Garrett, Sydney, Makenna and Cade. One of seven children of John and Mary Pat Earl, Chris got his passion for the cattle business from his grandfather's ranch in Southern Arizona.  Born and raised in Illinois, he played college football at Western Illinois University until 1989 when he accepted the herdsman job at Sunny Valley Farm in Yorkville, IL. He considers the first three years at SVF the greatest teaching he ever received.  Driven by the constant call of the Holy Spirit to serve people, Chris and his partner Wes currently maintain a large client list that keeps them active and sacrificial to the needs of those clients.  A deep desire to compete in the free market with genetics and effort, their service continues to show results for their clients. Chris, his wife, and two sons currently own and operate Reverse Rocking R Ranch in Maxwell, NM while at the same time covering hundreds of thousands of miles to serve the needs of their valued clients. Chris and Krista have many grand children and consider them their current passion in life. A Catholic Conservative with a desire to meet God's call is his simple goal.

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Wes Tiemann grew up on a farm in central Missouri where he learned the value of hard work. In 2008, Wes took the role of Regional Manager for Iowa and Missouri with the American Angus Association. The countless sales, herd visits, meetings and events with commercial and registered breeders across the country has been an invaluable resource. Understanding the beef industry, the breed, and the people, paired with marketing and auction experience, makes his role in CK6 a benefit to the clients and others.  Wes is also the owner of Wes Tiemann Marketing and attends over 60 sales a year as a sale manager and auctioneer. Wes has a wonderful family and trust in God making for a natural fit in “Families helping Families.”

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Kody Fleeman started off his career in the tractor and implement business with service, sales and taking care of the American farmer. Kody grew up in the cattle industry in South West Missouri where his family had cow calf pairs and a backgrounding facility. Kody, with his wife and two children, reside in Central Missouri on a small farm where they continue to run cattle and horses. Kody plays an important role in CK6 Source in customer relations where he is a good fit working with producers across the nation.

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Amanda Radke, alongside her husband, Tyler, and their four children, own Radke Land & Cattle in Mitchell, South Dakota. In addition to her seedstock background, Radke brings 15 years of experience in agricultural communications, education, marketing, and agricultural policy. She's a nationally-known speaker, writer, and children's book author, and she currently serves on the National Agricultural Campaign Advisory Council. In her role at CK6, Radke will leverage her beef cattle industry experience to bring successful results to the CK6 Consulting clients, joining Chris, Wes, and Kody in service to the breeders and customers they work with. Ultimately, her Catholic faith drives her career and family life, and Amanda lives by the verse, "Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31



Using over 40 years of professional experience in the commercial, consumer, and purebred Angus business to develop a business plan, deliver service, and execute a marketing strategy to reach the goals of the owner. Consistent genetic research and selection as it relates to the marketplace and the ability to meet its needs through superior genetics. CK6 proposes genetic acquisitions, breeding strategy, and development of a current genetic base to help position programs. Advice on the business profile at any level and depth based on the owner’s needs.


CK6 maintains a trustworthy relationship with purebred breeders, commercial producers, and allied industry to help foster client engagement within the business. Our online data base of 9000 email addresses and social media presence is one of the most active and viewed media outlets in the business. *Shares, posts, links and email blasts are at the discretion of CK6.


On farm visits conducted throughout the year as needed to monitor genetics, management, and nutrition, as well as the importance of face-to-face contact for growth of personal relationships. Pictures and videos of sale cattle, donors, and herd bulls as needed.


An advertising campaign will be designed and discussed that will meet the budget constraints and advance the genetic strengths of the program. Ad design and layout can be done by CK6 with the help of our professional network of design specialists.


A strategy will be put in place that will meet the needs of the owners. We believe it is important to know that marketing is a 365 day process based on time, people, and cattle quality. Consignments to special CK6 Online Sales are available to clients. Group marketing efforts across the country are available for live cattle sales. Private treaty sales of client’s cattle and of their customers are available as well.


Professional sales management performed by CK6 for traditional production sales, online sales, or group sales are available. Services include: photos, videos, sale advertising budget, layout, and placement, sale logistics, sale book preparation and layout, clerking on request, cattle promotion and sale block work, and buyer generation.


A specialized online genetic marketing opportunity for all CK6 clients and their partners. Exclusive sires and online marketing options will be available with fully operational credit card access. Developed as a non-traditional access point for the market where selection pressure is applied that is important to the owners and clients of CK6.


CK6 is positioned to professionally and successfully execute total or partial herd dispersals and special auctions throughout the year. The services include but are not limited to, those listed for client sales. References available.

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.