On Nov. 11 in Whitehouse, Texas, the DuVall family at Capitol Angus and Texas Beefhouse hosted the first-of-its-kind live beef auction. The auction garnered nationwide attention, with 800+ people attending the event in person and online.

The event was hosted on the video sale platform,, and organized by CK6 Consulting. Auctioneer Wes Tiemann led the sale, assisting 100+ buyers from all over the country in making their beef selections. Families, restaurants, and business owners gathered to stock their freezers, purchase steaks for Christmas gifts, and tour the Capitol Angus grounds, giving a unique opportunity for folks outside of agriculture to see how beef cattle is raised on a family-owned Texas ranch.

Results from the 33-lot beef auction were impressive. In total, 2,564 lbs. averaged $26.96/lb.; 1,750 lbs. of ground beef and sausage averaged $8.46/lb.; and 774 lbs. of primals and steaks averaged $68.81/lb.

“To our knowledge, this is the first modern beef auction of its kind, and the excitement was electric,” said Chris Earl, CK6 Consulting. “The DuVall family took a huge risk in trying something completely new, and the market responded in spades. Buyers weren’t just buying beef though — they were buying into a hard-working family and the story behind this beef. The DuValls work tirelessly to invest in Angus and Wagyu genetics that will ultimately create a great beef eating experience for the people they serve.”

This is just the beginning for Texas Beefhouse, and a second auction leading up to Christmas is already in the works.

“We are so grateful for everyone who came out to support us for this sale, both in person and online,” said Tyler DuVall, of Capitol Angus. “We are excited for the future, and eager to rollout new opportunities for our customers to purchase high-quality Angus and Wagyu beef.”

As the holiday season draws near, gourmet hamburger, summer sausages, and steakburgers are currently available for purchase. Stay tuned for details about an upcoming Christmas beef auction, where the DuValls will be offering the most popular beef cuts to the public.

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