CK6 Consulting Service

“Families Helping Families”

Industry Experience and Relations

  1. Using over 35 years professional experience in the commercial, consumer, and purebred Angus business to develop a business plan, deliver service, and execute a marketing strategy to reach the goals of the owner.
  2. Consistent genetic research and selection as it relates to the marketplace and the ability to meet its needs through superior genetics.
  3. CK6 proposes genetic acquisitions, breeding strategy, and development of a current genetic base to help position programs.
  4. Advice on the business profile at any level and depth based on the owner’s needs.


  1. CK6 maintains a trustworthy relationship with purebred breeders, commercial producers, and allied industry to help foster client/customer engagement within the business.
  2. Online data base of 8,700 email address’s used for the promotional needs of clients.
    *use of the email list is at the discretion of CK6 Consulting Service.
  3. Social media presence of CK6 and its clients is one of the most active and viewed media outlets in the business.

*shares, posts, and links are at the discretion of CK6 Consulting Service.


  1. On farm visits conducted throughout the year as needed to monitor genetics, management, and nutrition. As well as the importance of face to face contact and growth of personal relationships.
  2. Pictures and videos of sale cattle, donors, and herd bulls as needed.


  1. An advertising campaign will be designed and discussed that will meet the budget constraints and advance the genetic strengths of the program.

*ad design and layout can be done by CK6 with the help of our professional network of design specialists.


  1. A strategy will be put in place that will meet the needs of the owners. We believe it is important to know that marketing is a 365 day process based on time, people, and cattle quality.
  2. Consignments to special CK6 Online Sales are available to clients.
  3. Group marketing efforts across the country are available for live cattle sales. Private treaty sales of client’s cattle and of their customers are available as well.


  1. Professional sales management performed by CK6 for traditional production sales, online sales, or group sales are available.
  • Photos and video
  • Sale advertising budget, layout, and placement
  • Sale logistics
  • Sale book preparation and layout
  • Clerking on request
  • Cattle promotion and sale block work
  • Buyer generation

Non Client Herd Dispersals and Special Sales

 CK6 is positioned to professionally and successfully conduct and execute total or partial herd dispersals and special auctions throughout the year. The services include but not limited to those listed above for client sales.