SCC Soldier 6010

SCC Soldier 6010

$30/unit • $40/cert

Packages of 5 units or more, certificates can be purchased with your semen order for $25 a certificate.

Certificates available through Simon’s Cattle Co.


PA Valor 201 x Deer Valley Barbara 2814

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Owner: CJB Farms, Hopkinton, IA

Housed at Vogler Semen Centre, Ashland, NE

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Act BW 84, ADJ WW 683, ADJ YW 1353, ADJ MB 4.93, ADJ RE 15.2, ADJ SC 39.5

  • The $115,000 Simon’s Cattle Co pick of the elite Valor x Barbara 2814 flush.
  • Soldier puts stereotypes to rest with his combination of maternal and terminal traits on top of a lights out phenotypic package.
  • He is a bull that represents what Angus does so well, and that’s everything. He is in the top 10% for CE, WW, YW, RADG, DOC, HP, CEM, MB, RE, $W, $B.
  • He is clean jointed and sound as a cat in motion. He has correct shape of toe and good depth of heel.
  • His mother is the maternal sister to Plattemere Weight Up K360 and has a track record of producing top grossing progeny with three full sibs at $50,000, $27,000 and $26,000.
  • PA Valor 201, his deceased sire is highly sought after for his pedigree and proof of performance with 97 WW@105, 30 YW@ 107, 62 IMF@101 and 62 RE@105.


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