Diablo Deluxe 1104

Diablo Deluxe 1104

$40/unit • $40/cert


VAR Discovery 2240 x Diablo Erica Dianna 9034

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Owners: Baldridge Bros., NE, Spruce Mountain, CO, Knobmann Cattle, CA, Diablo Angus, CA, CK6 Consulting, NM

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Act BW 71, ADJ WW 800, ADJ YW 1547, ADJ MB 4.32, ADJ RE 13.7

    • Won the 2017 Cal Poly Bull Test.  Test is structured on very steep hill to allow for structure soundness and sorting.  
    •  Excellent feet and legs that allows for fluid movement. 
    • Elite EPD profile what is backed by multiple generations of elite performing cattle in real world environment. 
    • Docility is key with Deluxe.  That characteristic is making its way up the selection criteria and he has it. 
    • With the last change in EPD re-calibrations the challenge is to find one that has that elite spread but maintains that deep thick profile.  Deluxe does!
  •  Genomic 50K top 1% WW, YW and CW, 3% CED and SC, 4% CED, 5% DOC and 6% Marb. 

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